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Sifu Marc Webster

One of only two 6th degree Circular Tong Long Kung Fu Masters in Australia.

Sifu Marc brings a wealth of knowledge, care and wisdom, to ensure your experience of FitLife Martial Arts is exceptional.

With over 29 years as a devoted martial arts student and expert practitioner, Sifu Marc Webster is passionate about what the traditional practice of Chinese Martial Arts can bring to a person’s life.

Under his direction, students of Circular Tong Long Kung Fu and Tai Chi not only learn the physical skills of the arts, steeped in tradition and warfare, but also the morality of mind and deed that was practiced by the warriors of centuries past.

Sifu Marc may be a martial arts expert whose experience and knowledge is unparalleled in Australia, but it is his kindness, patience and gentle strength that his students know and love him for.

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  • Unlimited Kung Fu classes
  • Unlimited Fitness Kickboxing
  • Unlimited Tai Chi, Qigong & Flex


  • A weekly dedicated beginners group lesson
  • Regular personal progress check-ins to keep you on track
  • Access to online training videos that you can follow at home
  • 2x private lessons to prepare you for your first grading
  • Your first grading included (achieve your white belt)


  • A Kung Fu Uniform
  • A set of Hand Pads
  • A Short Stick (weapon)


  • A complimentary acupuncture treatment at our FitLife Health Clinic
  • A bottle of Dit Da Jow - training recovery liniment


"Sifu is a gifted martial artist and possesses the rare standards of Martial Morality. Very few people have the opportunity to train under a 6th degree master of the art who has also cultivated the essential Chinese philosophy of morality of deed and morality of mind.

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."

After comparing the different options on the Gold Coast, Sifu's kwoon seemed to have the best variety for myself and my son. This decision has set me up for life because of Sifu's support for the family-friendly culture."

Arnee | Gold Coast

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Our club membership has limited spaces available. We're looking only for people who are committed to making positive change in their life, and that will see out the entirety of the $397 twelve week training program (total value over $1,000).

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