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Sifu Marc Webster

The first and only 8th degree Circular Tong Long Kung Fu Master in Australia.

Sifu Marc brings a wealth of knowledge, care and wisdom, to ensure your experience of FitLife Martial Arts is exceptional.

With over 30 years as a devoted martial arts student and expert practitioner, Sifu Marc Webster is passionate about what the traditional practice of Chinese Martial Arts can bring to a person’s life.

Under his direction, students of Kung Fu, Tai Chi & Qigong not only learn the physical skills of the arts, steeped in tradition and warfare, but also the morality of mind and deed that was practiced by the warriors of centuries past.

Sifu Marc may be a martial arts expert whose experience and knowledge is unparalleled in Australia, but it is his kindness, patience and gentle strength that his students know and love him for.

Our Classes


Kung Fu Foundations

Kung Fu Foundations offers a more traditional and disciplined approach to martial arts, catering specifically to individuals seeking the classical route of kung fu training. This contact class focuses on honing foundational skills essential for mastering the art and is our entry point for those wanting to make their way through our Kung Fu Belt Grading System.

Kung Fu Hustle

Kung Fu Hustle is Kung Fu's version of Boxercise, prioritising fitness & well-being over traditional elements like belts and gradings. The non-contact class delivers a dynamic fitness experience centered around fun, free-flowing Kung Fu hitting combos, that build up in intensity throughout the class. The emphasis is on self-discovery and personal growth, making it more than a workout routine, and will leave you with a real sense of achievement.

Tai Chi Easy

Tai Chi Easy offers a unique approach to Tai Chi that emphasises the refinement of fundamental single postures rather than learning long, classical forms. The core principles of the class revolve around promoting relaxation, cultivating proper body structure, mastering controlled breathing, establishing a deep mind-body connection, and achieving a state of mental tranquillity.


Yin and Yang Qigong classes are a diverse range of practices, offering participants the opportunity to explore both Yin and Yang styles. Each style is tailored to specific goals, whether it's cultivating relaxation, softness, and health in the Yin-based classes or focusing on strength, vitality, and martial applications in the Yang-based classes.


Based on the expertise of Kit Laughlin, creator of the Stretch Therapy™ system, our Flex classes also utilise methods from Chinese Dao Yin, Japanese Sotai and meridian stretches to improve your posture, flexibility and range of motion.


Kickboxa seamlessly combines fitness kickboxing, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), Tactfit and core-strengthening exercises, in a circuit style dynamic fitness class filled with bag striking. Workouts are suitable for all fitness levels.

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Something for the kids (and teens)


Mini Mantis

(ages 4-6)

Our youngest group train in 30 minute classes that combine the early learnings of Kung Fu mixed with fun games and a big focus on moral development.

Young Mantis

(ages 7-12)

This group of kids train in 45 minute classes that combine Kung Fu movements, fitness and a focus on moral development. In this age groups we also start working on leadership skills, with a dedicated leadership class for those kids who want to take their training and development to the next level. They are also exposed to the performance arm of our club, building up the skills & confidence to perform at public events around the Gold Coast.

Teen Mantis

(ages 13-17)

Our older teens start learning the adult Kung Fu curriculum. There is a bigger emphasis on morality and etiquette with this age group as we develop them as leaders, ready for their later years as they progress towards their post-schooling endeavours. This is the age group where we start introducing greater person on person contact in a controlled and safe setting.

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